German Pascual - A New Beginning

In Europe Power Metal is extremely popular and new artists keep popping up all over the continent. Germán Pascual is a singer who has been an active member of the European Power Metal scene singing a couple different bands. Surprisingly he started out as a drummer in a Thrash Metal band, but is now deeply involved in Power Metal. His debut solo project release, “A New Beginning” gravitates towards the triumphant Power Metal sound with a mix of other influences. As a singer Germán is well gifted and it really stands out on this album. His voice is powerful and can soar over the music with great volume. However, the overall sound of this album is no different from most of the other Power Metal releases I have heard. The rhythms are heavy, but sound simplistic throughout the whole album. Not much innovation and creativity is heard in the guitar playing. Also, the use of keyboards to match the guitar like in the first song “Seek the Truth” sounds more eighties pop than metal. Usually keyboards are used to add more emphasis on songs solid structure. I am noticing it takes away from the songs and I think Germán Pascual could have done without some of the keyboard parts. The guitar solo in the first song is my favorite part of the song since the shredding stands out. On the second track Germán Pascual tries to sound heavier by adding chugging break down sounding riffs. This again is very unoriginal and does not mix well with the Power Metal style. One high point of song two is there are no over used keyboard parts.

I will say the lyrics on this album are creative and I like Germán Pascual’s writing style. The choruses work well with his voice and this can be hard on song four “Misty Dreams.” A majority of the album focuses on the keyboard Power Metal sound which I feel takes away from the few really awesome heavy songs. My favorite song “Fate of the Blind” is an in your face bad ass heavy metal song. There are crushing drums, heavy unique rhythms, and NO annoying keyboard parts. Also, the guitar solo is my favorite on the entire album. This guitar player can come up with some sick leads when given the chance to show off his talent.

My final thoughts are that Germán Pascual is a great singer who needs to find a way to stand out from other Power Metal groups. If he comes up with a more diverse sound that does not rely heavily on keyboards I think his music would definitely bring something new to the table. I think this album is worth checking out if you are a fan of Power Metal and triumphant music. I would say any fan who is expecting the next Iron Maiden needs to not put their expectations too high and give Germán Pascual a chance. Not every artist hits a home run with their first album. For all we know Germán Pascual will create a masterpiece after this album.


  1. Seek The Truth
  2. The Wrath of GOD
  3. If The Sky Would Fall
  4. Misty Dreams
  5. Open Your Eyes
  6. I Call For The One
  7. Unbroken Wings
  8. Come Ease The Pain
  9. Fate Of The Blind
  10. Cancion Con Todos