Global Scum - Odium

Don't be misled by the grind aesthetics of Odium's cover artwork portraying a bloodstained woman wearing a gas mask in front of the ruins of a destroyed area. Global Scum don't play grindcore. I would rather call them a groove metal band. They mix thrash metal with downtuned grinding riffs and nu metal elements to enrich their sound and create an interesting crossover mix. The main influence of the band seems to be Max Cavalera of Soulfly, Nailbomd and Cavalera Conspiracy era. Mid-later period Sepultura riffs are also present. Other bands that have an effect on Global Scum's sound are Slipknot, Ministry, Machine Head and Slayer of the post "Divine Intervention" era (especially in the slower parts of their songs).

Global Scum come from Austria and they are the one man band of Manuel Harlander who plays all the instruments, performs all vocals and is also responsible for the recording and mixing! This is the second album after "Hell Is Home" from 2017.

"Odium" was mastered by Christian Schmid (Suicidal Angels, Mystic Prophecy, FireForce). Lyrically Global Scum deal with social political problems like corruption, global terrorism, assassination, mental problems.

"Odium" features some nice performance on string instruments and although the groove metal sound is getting a bit old (time flies indeed!), Global Scum seem to keep their sound fresh enough in "Odium". They do really well in terms of aggressive vocals, downtuned riffing and getting out at times an almost hardcore feeling (listen for example to the end of the track 'Feared').

I found impressive the themes Global Scum play in 'Assassins', which is possibly my favorite song of the album. The melodies in this song are simply fantastic! The semitones used deliver the song an eastern aura producing an attractive and mysterious atmosphere.

The album offers pure energy and features nice, steady and balanced downtuned riffing. Some heavier moments like 'Violent Creation' add to the variety of the album and increase the interest. The vocals are really very good for the style.
However, the drums sound was a bit weak for me at most parts of the album. I would like to listen to a generally less plastic sound on drums.

I would love to listen to their next effort and possibly see them as a full line up band because I am sure Global Scum will be fantastic live since they have a nice songwriting and effective music!


1. Lunatic
2. Feared
3. Fake As Fuck
4. Full Of Hell
5. Disgusting Lust Of Madness
6. Assassins
7. Back Beats
8. Call For Resistance
9. Martyrium
10. Human Waste
11. Violent Creation
12. Savage Killer
13. Mental Anxiety