Gloomy Sunday - Beyond Good And Evil

These five guys from Sweden deliver their debut album on the russian label Solitude. It begins with an intro woven in the opening track "Living Dead At The Tradecentre Morgue". After the guitar rhythm lead the song starts and it keeps playing that way the whole album. Heavy distorted guitars with slow thick riffs with a nice lead part in the 2nd track. Gloomy Sunday mixes their doom with stoner sound in a chilly atmosphere. The vocals are monotonous screams somewhere in the backyard. The song that jumps out of the line is "End Trip" that is played on a faster level with better vocals. For the rest you should check them out on their site to listen to 3 tracks.

1. Living Dead At The Tradecentre Morgue
2. Dead Of Season
3. Xanor
4. Beyond The Light
5. Fluoxetin Selena
6. Burn Out The Sun
7. End Trip
8. Sunrise Casualty
9. Dead Love Autumn
Solitude Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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