Gluttony - Beyond The Veil Of Flesh

Featuring 3 members of My Own Grave and a vocalist who’s also in Setherial (as Infaustus) and an ex-Diabolical screamer, there is plenty of experience here. This is an old school Swedeath battalion hammering your ears to within an inch of your sanity. The power and sound of the production is deep, brooding and for me personally, very fulfilling, perfectly suited to be label mates with Paganizer, Ribspreader and bands of a similar ilk.

The songs on offer hammer home a massive appreciation of the Dismember and early Entombed sound. One of the real kick in the guts is the title track ‘Beyond the Veil of Flesh’. The drum sound is very organic, it has an underground sense of originality and no not so processed like I have heard in some quarters lately. More recent influences certainly include Hail of Bullets as you delve further into their beastly ball of excitement and to top it all, the album is presented with some cool colourful artwork that seems to depict self-mutilation (gluttony of one’s self!). Thankfully this is not your typical black and white retro revival. There are plenty of running finger riffs, plenty of bare bones death metal like that during ‘Post Mortem Decapitation’ which is straight to the point, you know the drill by now I am sure.

I like this, it doesn’t fall into the tribute trap, although I am a true sucker for this guitar and vocal style, but I really do appreciate the momentum and the feeling you get when you play this sick monster at deafening volume.

  1. The Revenant  
  2. Beyond The Veil Of Flesh     
  3. Eaten Alive      
  4. Raise The Dead      
  5. Coffinborn      
  6. Post Mortem Decapitation      
  7. And Then You Rot     
  8. On The Slab