Gnosis - The Offering Of Seven

Formed in 2013, Gnosis drew attention in the underground with their debut "The Third-Eye Gate" that was released from Nuclear War Now Prod. in 2015 in both vinyl and CD. 3 years later the Italian label Terror From Hell Records releases their new album in CD format. Emerging from Miami, Florida, Gnosis are far from death metal Florida is well known for. What they deliver is a solid black/death metal worship album of the early 90s Greek black metal scene with references to Italian and Southamerican bands of the same era like Mortuary Drape, Necromass and Mystifier.

An old man once told me that about every 20 years music is condemned to repeat itself. Being pretty close to the Greek scene of the 90's, I have spotted out that over the last few years there is a revival of the 90's golden era (1987-1996 to be more specific). Many bands have chosen to pay tribute to this style like Cult Of Eibon and Ithaqua.

"The Offering Of Seven" opening track is a ritual intro that sets quite right the mood. Most songs in the album are a mixture of Mortuary Drape, old Rotting Christ (especially the "Passage To Arcturo" MLP era) and old Varathron (especially the "Walpurgisnacht" era). So, you have to expect mid paced riff old school black metal with occult and eerie atmosphere.

Guitar riffs are mid paced, basic but doomy with the second guitar crying melodies that change to palm muting with the mid tempo double bass leaving gaps for the bass guitar to fill. The bass did an excellent job in this album and I love it when the bass lines get equal or at times higher than guitars in the final mix. The synth use offers additional obscurity and mysticism to the songs. However, the riffs are not really memorable, which is something the band has to work upon. The vocals are excellent. Deep, abyssic, but clear, they sound as if coming from a well and they refer mainly to Mortuary Drape.

The 6th track, the acoustic 'Transcendence pt. 1' is a brilliant instrumental that could show some directions for the band's future! 'Evil Spirit' cover of Running Wild's classic from "Branded And Exiled" (1985) proves once again the high connection of occult black metal and old heavy metal which is something that Gnosis aforementioned influences have also admitted in the past.

I believe Gnosis have a long way to go to shape their own style which would be rather interesting regarding their influences. Unless they decide to focus on paying tribute to them, which is something they do really well.

To sum up, if you like the early 90's Greek sound and occult atmosphere mid tempo black metal you will sure enjoy the album. It may not be something new. It may be another worship to the old coffin spirit, but it is well executed nonetheless!


1. Intro
2. Devils And Spirits
3. Hand Of The Fates
4. Dark King On The Mount
5. Golden Wings
6. Trascendence pt.1
7. Evil Spirit (cover Running Wild)
8. The Great Storm
9. Outro