God Dethroned - LIVE

date: Saturday, Oct 10, 2009
venue: Station 4, St. Paul, MN, USA

Currently on a massive world war campaign Holland’s God Dethroned stopped in Minnesota to perform. There is no better way to spend your Saturday than with some cold beers and one of the best metal acts playing in your town.

God Dethroned started their tour in September in South America and are now most of the way through North America, and with Europe in their sights for next month, their tour still has a long way to go. The entire tour is meant to showcase their newest album, Passiondale, which was released in April 2009 by Metal Blade Records. Supporting God Dethroned in the states and at the show in Minnesota are Abigail Williams, Woe of Tyrants, Augury and Sangre Mal.

God Dethroned does not disappoint live, they play with unmatched skill and cover all of their material while showcasing their newest album. Some people would be concerned about having a female lead guitarist, but Susan Gerl plays absolutely amazingly with top-notch leads and high-speed riffs.

Despite a smaller than average crowd for the evening, the show was awesome. Don’t miss the chance to see this band as they finish their world tour, and be sure to check out their newest album Passiondale as well.

God Dethroned’s set list was as follows:
Under A Darkening Sky
Serpent King
Soul Sweeper
Hating Life
No Man’s Land
The Warcult
The Execution Protocol
Poison Fog
Boiling Blood
Villa Vampiria
The Lair Of The White Worm

Station 4
Reviewer: Rob Lutterman
Mar 2, 2010

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