God Disease - Drifting Towards Inevitable Death

God Disease's debut album entitled "Drifting Towards Inevitable Death" is a journey down in a hole and straight to the abyss of the unknown.

Plain guitar noise and a monolithic riff accompanied with abyssic vocals order the listener to start 'Descending Into Abyss' indeed. The opening track brings to mind Dead Congregation. The doomy parts are memorable in the way doomy riffs of the 70's bands were; simple, but effective. A Hellhammer worship pounding guitar riff closes the track with some open chords left to noise.

'At The Pillars Of Kadatheron' sets of with a sick Triptykon-like acoustic guitar. The bass punches forth the synthesis before ritual drums and a doomy unearthly riff break. The vocals are of utter darkness. And the lead guitar transcends me over Rubicon. The valley of death underneath is full of dead bodies in an amorphous mass and I watch them in awe. Cadaverous smell pierces the nose.

'Cadaver Sculptor's opening riff is another Sabbath/Candlemass/Solitude Aeturnus worship riff that soon progresses to a painful guitar melody with bending techniques. The vocals of Ilkka Laaksonen are ravishingly macabre. The aura of the doomiest Autopsy songs delivering pure rotteness is present. The ending of the song reminded me of early Paradise Lost ("Gothic" era) with a more unearthly drive.

'King Of Maggot Crawling Flesh' sets off with a mid tempo riff and a powerful snare drum to support it. Possibly the faster song on the album! The tempo is changing from faster to filthier catacombal slowness and again. In the mid of the song it gets so slow and ritualistic reminding of the mighty Encoffination or a twisted version of King Diamond's 'The Eye'. The guitar tone is excellent. Everything is low-tuned, but really comprehensible. The lead once again is amazing. Slow and painful. Like life. Like death.

'Cathedral Gates' deals with the problem of organized religions. The punchier riffs bring forth references to bands like Coffins and Anatomia while the shrieking guitar melodies reveal unholiness and chaos the burden of religion engraves in our minds. The bass takes a leading role after the first half of the song and then an unorthodox riff accompanied with hammering drums and sick bass licks put the final nails to the coffin of all that is sacred and holy. I loved the end of the song with the bass line over guitar noise! Pure holocaust!

'Death... Is Just A Beginning' is a 3 minute song with weird vocals mesmerizing unknown words. Its avant garde structure with riffs sounding unusually played and the bass clinging at the end of each musical phrase achieves a result straight from the graveyard. It serves as an anomalous intro to the next song...

'Blessed Darkness' is another worship of death. From inside the coffin I yell the lyrics "Blessed be, the darkness surrounding me. Let the cathedral bells chime. For it is my time". Death itself is the ultimate experience. One we will all have during our presence on the surface of this rotten stone called Earth. Death is inevitable, mysterious, yet so appealing and welcoming when our time has come. The melodies used are depressive, but at the same time full of determination and acceptance of our black fate.

The gravestone of this amazing debut is the homonymous 'Drifting Towards Inevitable Death'. Sophisticated but at the same time monolithic guitar work is mixed with guitar noise over a bass of doom and drums that bring to mind dark wave bands like (early) Cure and Joy Division and serve as the carpet for God Disease's unearthly guttural vocals to be laid upon. The groovier parts left me a 'post' aura but at the same time there is a 'classic' feel all around like the one you get in Incantation or Dead Congregation albums. The whole song sounds as an improvisation recorded live in real time. The feedback and the feeling is amazing!

I am thankful for this masterpiece of Finnish Death Metal and wait a lot from God Disease in the future.
God Disease continue in the path which bands like Demilich, Demigod and Purtenance have walked before.
A new era for the Finnish scene!
Full support and...
Vain kuolema on todellista (Only death is real)


1. Descending Into Abyss
2. At The Pillars Of Kadatheron
3. Cadaver Sculptor
4. King Of Maggot Crawling Flesh
5. Cathedral Gates
6. Death... Is Just A Beginning
7. Blessed Darkness
8. Drifting Towards Inevitable Death