Godhate - Equal In The Eyes Of Death

From the cool, grey depths of Sweden a new aggression of Death Metal is spawned and it's name is Godhate. Formed back in 1991 originally under the name of Throneaeon then with the name change to Godhate in 1993 gave birth to what became one of the few existing Swedish Death Metal acts during the time of the Black Metal wave of take over. Godhate is one of the few existing bands still alive today whom have spawned from the second era of Swedish Death Metal.

After killing it with a few albums under their belt and having established a name for themseleves in the scene Godhate actually brokeup in late 2006 but Lucifer's calling would not let these souls rest and Godhate came back stronger than ever with a new line-up and music that is powerful enough to raise the dead. The demonic messengers who are known as Godhate are: Tony Freed - guitars + vocals, Björn Eriksson - bass ,Chris Johansson - guitars and Roger Sundqvist - drums. Former memerable members who helped spawn the seed of Godhate are: Andreas Dahlström and Göran Eriksson.

"The Eyes Of Death" is a total mind blowing ball busting experience to say the least. This album is extreme in sound, power and theme. There is never a dull moment within these tracks, great musicianship and tightly played with consistancy throughout. The vocals are anger filled and the riffs are burning the precussion is pure blood boiling rage. These tracks of killer speed also provide groove and a melody that would make great for a mosh pit tango. The sound here is definately in your face leaving no room for escape but then again who would want to escape the blasphemous atmosphere Godhate creates with "The Eyes Of Death".

If you are not offended by an anti-christian theme and are in full support of bringing down the religious mainstream plus do not mind hellish blasting sounds ripping through your entire being, possibley destroying what is left of your hearing then you will LOVE this alum and I then HIGHLY recommend you giving it a listen and if you have not already exprienced anything from this band prior please check them out.

1. John
2. Godhate
3. Penance For The Wicked
4. In Praise Of Sin
5. Infinity Shall Be
6. Equal In The Eyes Of Death
7. Alla Xul Kanpa
8. Dark Funeral
9. Antichristianity
10. In Anger With Life
11. The End

Metal Age Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Mar 23, 2010

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