Godless Angel - The Conjuring Of Four

This is a one man groove/death metal project from the USA, namely that of Derek Neibarger, this is essentially a four track recording, with others being mediocre instrumentals that don’t really go anywhere. There may be a groove element, but I actually put this somewhere between the death n roll of Sweden from the noughties, with a high level melodic guitar tone over the top.

The songs themselves flow ok, but there is a definite approach followed of a sole artist as there is much restraint, that’s the way it comes across to me. Attention to detail is immense but the art of atmosphere is somewhat on the backburner, almost like there is missing element organic material, its sounds too processed for me.

The songs themselves are decent, if not a touch dated in terms of delivery but there’s just nothing that really entices more. The solos and melodic riffs are loud and work well, but sound disjointed from the remainder of the tracks. Overall, solid as this maybe musically, collectively I am not going to remember this in the coming months. It’s comforting, but not that memorable unfortunately.

  1. The Conjuring Of Four (Instrumental)     
  2. Twisting Chaos  
  3. Dusk (Instrumental)     
  4. The Worms Are Eating Him Now  
  5. Midnight (Instrumental)      
  6. The Flames Of Eternity  
  7. Dawn (Instrumental)  
  8. JawZ