Godless North - Fimbulvetr Anthology

Canadian Black Metal band Godless North released a best of/compilation in 2009 entitled Fimbulvetr Anthology. This band was forged in late ’96 by Othalaz (vox, guitar, bass) and Oblak Ilking (drums); they quickly proceeded to be one of the most widely respected Black Metal bands. At that time not many bands were coming out from Canada. Godless North released their debut full-length effort in 2001 which was entitled as “Summon The Age of Supremacy”; this album was assigned to the first disk respectively. There isn’t too much that one can consider “memorable” on the opening disk, as this has all been done by the Norwegian scene and all of their imitator’s. The production is minimal which results in a very cold sound. Othalaz’s vocals are fairly uninspired and middle-of-the-road. The first disk leaves little to be desired, as this has all been done before and quite better (especially by the early Norwegians).

The first four tracks on the second disk are taken from 2003’s Godless North/Chemin De Haine split “Only Human Ashes Are Real…”; the progression from the debut is almost non-existent, although a few improvements have been made. In “Somber Reflections of Hate” the drummer seems to actually compliment the guitar parts as opposed to the “This fits well enough” attitude which seemed to run prevalent on the debut album.  The quality on the first four tracks is an improvement from the first album, but still lack any form of creativity. It is just a repetition of past formulas. The last five tracks on the second CD are comprised of their 1998 demo “Dark Rites of Mystic Order”. The ending tracks are more of the same mediocre Black Metal that has been done thousands of time over; the only difference is the production is exponentially worse.

The strong point of the Fimbuvetr anthology is they performed a cover of Dunkhelheit by BURZUM which was thoroughly enjoyable.

Generally compilation albums are a great introduction to band or a particular style of music and this is no exception because it is a fabulous introduction to the Godless North discography, but Godless North is a pale imitation of the early Norwegian scene which makes it difficult to recommend the Fimbulvetr Anthology over anything actually done by an early Norwegian band.

1. Intro
2. Glory of Past Returns
3. Dark Skies Over Vinland
4. Under The Veil of Night THE
5. Winter of Cleansing
6. Upon Heathen Battlefields
7. Dawn of A New Empire
8. Wisdom of The Ancient Cults
9. …The Wolf Unleashed

1. Intro
2. The Fading Cause of Light’s Crusade
3. Somber Reflections of Hate’s Crusade
4. Carnage on Holy Soil
5. In Mourning For The Night
6. Dunkelheit (cover Burzum)
7. Intro
8. Northern Hordes
9. Wolf’s Kin
10. Everlasting Winter Winds
11. Darkmoon (outro)

Darker Than Black Records
Reviewer: Kong
Aug 31, 2010

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