Godless Truth - Selfrealization

This band needs no introduction to the followers of brutal techical DM. Remembering the "Burning Existence" and you know that this is catchy DM but yet brutal. Gurgling vocals, double bass, razoring riffs and leads. Enough variations to keep your attention for the half an hour. If you got their previous work or want to meet this band pick up this Selfrealization to realize for yourself.

1. Ninetyseven
2. Worthless Human Being
3. Disdain
4. He's Not...
5. Constructing The Future
6. Next Step
7. Isolated Victim
8. Predetermined Disfiguration
9. I Take Your Life
10. Crooshpetz (Unwelcomed Bonus)
Shindy Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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