Godz At War - Postmortem

This German band is around from 1995 and after changes in line up and even a break they released this CD in 2002. It contains two demos and an unreleashed track. GAW combines brutality and melody in their songs. Vocals are brutal and screaming. Tempo is changing frequently and the guitars add nice moods and feelings with their melodies. I like the guitarleads. The drummer is mixing thrash and death with variety. Nice to hear these demo tracks and therefor waiting for their new material to see their evolution.

1. Intro/the towers
2. Enslaved
3. Drown insleep
4. Inner cave
5. Restless. atrocity. intention
6. Eternal god
7. As night falls
8. I had a dream
9. Omniscient silence
10. Your river
Heavy Metal Rock
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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