Golah - Cerebral Collision

Coming out of Italy Golah is not your typical run of the mill Death Metal group. These guys bring in some technical fusion elements which gives their songʼs a unique distinctive edge. This four song release called, "Cerebral Collision", really does give the listener a brain colliding experience. Each song features multiple time and rhythm changes to emphasize a very progressive/ fusion Death Metal sound. Of course the vocals are your typical low growling cookie monster style, but when mixed with the fusion elements it creates an interesting contrast. I hear influences from other technical Progressive Death Metal bands like Gojira and Opeth when listening to Golah. One area of difference is the jazz like fusion metal which really stands out during the drum introduction on the first song, 'Narcissism'. The drummer is extremely talented and the way he plays took me by surprise. He sounds like he could play drums in a technical jazz group. Personally I find the vocalist to offer nothing innovative or diverse sounding compared to what the other musicians are doing. However, I will say I like his consistency when it comes to growling. He chooses to keep the low growling Death Metal style going through out the album instead of trying to sound like a Metalcore singer which usually turns out sounding like goblin taking a giant dump.

The last three songs on this album are pretty impressive and stay true to the fusion based Death Metal I heard on song number one. Track number two, 'Rotten Priest', is probably the best guitar driven song on this album. I really like the riffs on this song because they do not follow a simple chugging repetitive pattern. Instead the structures are constantly changing to where the guitar dictates where the song is headed. Again, this drummer is extremely talented and his movements create powerful diverse rhythms within the song. The next track 'Symmetry Of Gravity/Shining' is another technical musical piece that features a grooving bass solo. I like how the bassist is able to show off his musical talents and when listening to him play I am reminded of Les Claypool from Primus. His tone and playing also shines on the last song, so he gets even more time to show off. The last song wraps up the technical Fusion Death Metal and features an impressive instrumental jam part at the end of the song.

Golah may not play extremely fast or intense, but the complex music mixed with the growling vocals makes for a different metal experience. I personally find the four songs to be creative and this EP shows how different musical styles can be incorporated into Heavy Metal. I feel that if there were more songs I might lose interest because fusion music of any kind can become tiring. Still, I enjoyed the music I heard on this four song release and will be looking forward to where Golah goes with their music in the future. These guys are brilliant musicians and if you like technical progressive fusion metal then check this album out.


1. Narcissism
2. Rotten Priest
3. Symmetry Of Gravity/Shining
4. Collapsed Into Eternity
Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 23, 2013

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