Golgotha - Remembering The Past - Writing The Future

Golgotha are one of those relatively unknown bands from Spain that haven’t put out much in their 20 years of existence, and part of that may be due to the large gaps between album releases and band activity. However, they are certainly a death/doom act to follow as judging from their new EP “Remembering The Past…” the five tracks present are strong, modern adaptations that would make the genre proud. It is a little ironic considering their last full length was entitled “Erasing The Past,” but here it is clear that the band are revisiting some of their roots back from 1995 and putting a clearer, modern spin on it to freshen things up. Even for those who have been following the group for the last few years and spun the older records, re-invention of tracks like ‘Lonely’ are sure to garner interest rather than just have fans pass it by. Think of it as the death doom version of “Catch 22 2.0” from Hypocrisy.

The EP isn’t completely just a re-has though. The opening track ‘Don’t Waste Your Life’ is an excellent start that brings the sounds of My Dying Bride, Draconian, and even a band like Marianas Rest. One has the clearn, mournful tones, the grim growls, and overall the guitar and drum patterns that make sadness sound awesome. Even the symphonic elements and additional female vocals are lush but not overdone. For this track alone old fans should probably dig this EP and new fans should instantly be hooked.

Then there are other redone tracks like ‘Helpless’ with the softer clean vocals done in a different style that touch on styles like Swallow The Sun but the deeper growls and heavier guitars provide a darker atmosphere. Despite being heavier, the band does a great job of balancing the drums- handled by Tomeu Crepsi - and bass rocked by Faustus Espinosa so they don’t get swallowed up. Even the symphonic elements with the choirs on ‘I Am Lost’ which is the band’s shortest and heaviest track on the EP shine through; this is thanks to the mastering from their keyboardist. The addition of Samuel Morales from Helevorn also contributes to the haunting guitar sound which syncs up nicely with fellow guitarst Vincent Paya.

The one track that may seem a bit off but at the same time showcases Golgotha’s versatility is ‘Elemental Changes.’ The vibe here completely shifts from death doom to gothic doom - almost more in the vein of “Darkness And Hope” Moonspell meets Rammstein. The more rock oriented riffs clash a little bit with the death doom moments, but the new style of cleans from vocalist Amon just shows he is more than one sided and brings more diversity the doom genre. For those who like the heavier moments don’t worry; the goth rock elements are only on the first part of the track before it shifts back more into familiar territory. And then of course there is the closing epic ‘Lonely’ which stretches more into epic doom territory by clocking around 9 minutes. It does drag on for a bit compared to the other tracks, but does not fail to impress.

Overall, this EP is a nice serving for those who like death doom more modern sounding as some of Golgotha’s earlier works might sound a little muddled and raw; “Remembering The Past…” is a great modern touch up for the band that will hook new fans and make older ones nod their head and say, “They still got it…!”

4.5 / 5 STARS

1. Don’t Waste Your Life
2. Helpless (2020)
3. I Am Lost (2020)
4. Elemental Changes (2020)
5. Lonely (2020)