Gomorraa - Sordidus Fabellas (Luxuries Et Profanus)

Gomorraa were formed in São Paulo, Brazil in 2014 as Eterno Carnal. They soon changed name to Gomorraa to spit forth their old school black/thrash, highly influenced by the mighty progenitors of the genre/scene. In Gomorraa music there is a strong primitive Bathory influence (especially of the 1st album) with generous doses from the old mighty Brazilian scene (Mystifier, Dorsal Atlântica, Vulcano, Holocausto, Sarcófago) and the old Greek scene (Rotting Christ, Thou Art Lord, Necromantia).

"Sordidus Fabellas (Luxuries Et Profanus)" is the band's first full length. The album opens with an eerie old school instrumental intro called 'Sinal Iminente das Trevas'. The bass and keys work together in a majestic way like in the before 'Non Serviam' Rotting Christ material. The guitar riff owes its existence to old Rotting Christ and Thou Art Lord, too. The following riff is an old school heavy metal riff like the ones Omen, Manowar and old Iron Maiden (of the Paul Di Anno era) played and Necromantia used during their unholy metal quest. The lead guitar brought to mind again the glorious Iron Maiden Paul Di Anno era.

'Avante Forças Infernais' hails Death metal sudamericano de la vieja escuelathe (the Old school South American death metal). The song is built on the legacy of Sarcofago, with the right attitude, and with some great heavy metal riffs thrown in. The vocals manic and frantic black/thrash. The basic riff is a headbanger speed metal frenzied one, and the harmonious lead guitar left me speechless. Old school metal flows in Gomorraa veins and has the right attitude of this golden era for the underground. The slow parts of the song in the end make a great closure. The groove like in the old days, stays fanatically away from modern trends.

'Submisso Ao Prazer' is a holocaust for the ears. The black/thrash deep vocals over the electric riff storm with a variety of fast paced, heavier and technical passages is unbeatable. I love the screaming desperate vocals laid over a dominant doom riff, while the bass strikes high the notes. This is pure old school metal! The laughters used in irony will remind you what the masters Necromantia did in the 90's. 'Submisso ao Prazer' is speed black/thrash to bang your head to.

As the name implies, 'Ataque Sobre A Cidade Luz' is a superfast Attack (on the City of Light). The riffs are totally chaotic, unholy and profane in this ritual in the name of Sathanas. I love the use of Portuguese language in old school metal. The chaotic vocals are fast and angry, but then in perfect despair they also guarantee to devastate everything that is holy. The rhythm section in the final moments of the song is industrial thick.

'Sacrifício De Fogo''s opening doom riff sounds like Solitude Aeturnus of the first 2 albums in a necromantical ritual. Just imagine a more underground version of Necros Christos. The chaos is unbearable, but so inviting. The bleakness of the song is highlighted by the sharp bass tone which at times brings back great memories of the Jim Mutilator era in Rotting Christ and releases like 'Passage to Arcturo'. The same thing do the mid tempo satanic and majestic riffs. A lead as if coming out of Slayer demos is what was needed to complete this lake of unholy fire!

'Lady Lust' opening riff owes a lot to 'Thy Mighty Contract'. The groovy/heavy mid tempo part of the song is thrashy in a way Rotting Christ would love (does anyone remember their covers to Kreator?). Gomorraa play a very stressful and agonizing old school metal with huge variety. Heavy metal riffs are present on 'Lady Lust' making a nice reference to Judas Priest. However, the mighty South American scene is dominant! Don't forget that the South American scene always had great contacts with the old Greek scene (it is worth to check out the labels Cogumelo from Brazil and Unisound from Greece, if unfamiliar).

'Sórdidos Contos' is another ritualistic old school black/thrash song with spells used over keys/synths. The positioning of the song is the album is again a direct reference to Rotting Christ and songs like ('Gloria de Domino Inferni' or 'Fethroesforia' - check them out). I love the way Gomorraa use the keys and vocals to create the ultimate feeling of diving the very depths of hell.

'XXX' starts off with a huge riff. The bass is higher in the mix, and then the riff gets even bigger. The 'ugh' was meant to be a sign to fuck shit up. Total necrofiend pit worship! The slow/doom part reminded me of Mortuary Drape, but the fast riffs are a total holocaust where Order from Chaos meet Blasphemy in an unholy cave. The bass leads is another thing we often miss these days, but Gomorraa pay tribute to the old school even with this on 'XXX'. Excellent job and a really great idea to fill the bassline with a guitar riff that will then turn to play a lead. Such a glorious theme! The ending of the song is of a ritual or summoning.

'Condessa Das Artes Cruéis' is a gruesome tune with dark riffs, cremated vocals and pestilential drums. The open chords in the guitars reminded me of old Kreator. The song has a black/thrash aura and it makes a great listen. The palm muted mid tempo riffs have an old school Finnish scene touch.

'Arco Do Bode' sounds like a live song in the beginning, a detail that shows again the band's intention to perform metal in its purest form. The song is build on thrash, the birthgiver of the underground. Thrash metal is the music style that caused a revolution in music. It gave birth to death, black and speed metal. 'Arco do Bode' features an excellent lead part. Claustrophobic and stressful, in agonizing torment, it leaves you air to breathe only during the open chords just before they fade out with another guitar lead.

Gomorraa is a real underground band. They play old school black/thrash with heavy and speed parts. This is the music they grew up with, this is the music they play. They have their influences, but they don't copy anyone. They do what they like and they play the music they enjoy the most. They do it for passion and not for fashion, as the mighty Agathocles once clearly put it. I vote for them and think that every old school metal fan who loves original releases that pay tribute to the roots, but have character and something to say, will like this one. Praise the Goat! If you are into polished productions, bands that make no mistakes and rock star attitudes, please stay away and try search for the next thing on YouTube because this is not for you.

5 / 5 STARS 


1. Sinal Iminente Das Trevas
2. Avante Forças Infernais
3. Submisso Ao Prazer
4. Ataque Sobre A Cidade Luz
5. Sacrifício De Fogo
6. Lady Lust
7. Sórdidos Contos
8. XXX
9. Condessa Das Artes Cruéis
10. Arco Do Bode