Gonadectomy - Reign Of Disease

First release ever for those brutal slammers from Sweden. Gonadectomy break the ice with this EP of theirs entitled "Reign Of Disease". Sick release and none other than Rotten Music could have released that. A two member band featuring mr Fredrik Johansson on vocals and mr Andreas Hoppula on guitar duty and drum programming. 20 minutes of pure slam, embellished with large doses of brutal death metal here and there all with the love from  these two fine gentlemen.

'Eternal Wasteland' breaks the silence and the first minutes of this one proves the fact that these guys almost definitely love ballads of the 60s, Nooot!.. Hehe.. Extreme slam riffing along with low gutturals and heavy grunts and growls make the scenery welcome for any fan of the genre. Second song and the show goes one from where the first one stopped. 'Reborn Cadaver' aims mostly on groove as the slam element here is more obvious even though the song starts with a rabid riff followed by crazed blasting. 'Abhorrent Existence' underway and heads to the floor. The slammy parts give their place to brutal death metal riffs and then again back to slam. It is an endless swirl those guys manage to create. One sec you're there just moshing and the next one you find yourself stunned by the heavy riffs and on. Three more songs and the EP finds its way to the end.

Too short? Yeah I know it is just an EP but damn it this one set off tons of expectations for the first full. The songs are cohesive and tight. They definitely aim not only to be xtreme and fast but also to groove the shit out of your ears. It is fun slam damn it. It should be groovy and super heavy and this is exactly how "Reign Of Disease" sounds. Of course the opinions on the production may vary and there might be a lot sayin this and that but in the end everyone's got one. Ok if I have to be entirely thorough I good point out that the drums need a bit of work in sounding more natural as there are moments, here and there, especially in the blastbeats, where it all sounds even and waaaay too flawless. But to my ears that was not a problem at all. Gonadectomy is a band of potential in this death metal sound they chose to play. Not the band to change your world (don't think they want that either), but definitely the ones to make you bleed your ears with their 20 minute slam dynamite. Can't hate em!

  1. Cannibalistic Warlord
  2. Atrocious Putrefaction
  3. Abhorrent Existence
  4. Eternal Wasteland
  5. Intermission
  6. Reborn Cadaver