Gorath - Elite

Gorath, a one-man blackmetal act from Belgium. This means all instruments performed by 'the brain' and some session-members for finishing touch This first full length CD is compilation of re-created demo songs as well as some new songs. Furious blasting blackmetal on one hand, melancholic melodies on the other hand complete with shredding screams. All of this is very well balanced into good compositions and the programmed drums are intelligent enough to keep dynamics in the structures. Sound quality is great for this style and the guitars are clearly layered to create grieving atmosphere. Not only belgian beer is the elite!

1. A new age
2. The lizard creature
3. White deep an embrace
4. A pond without drops
5. Instrumental intermezzo
6. The fall of winter
7. Suppress my grief
8. We are the elite
9. Aeons glow in the sun
Black Owl Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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