Gorath- MXCII

Gorath are a black metal band from Belgium that have been around for album fifteen years come today in 2010. They've had a good mix of full length albums, demos, splits, and tours... all which show seasoning and growth. With MXCII one can certainly say that Gorath are pretty darn good. They don't focus on intensity and chilling riffs with blinding speed like other black metal bands do. Instead, there's a lot more groove and melody incorporated. And somehow it is still raw and filthy with that 'kult' feeling.

The album opens with "Tombeveld" which is a lengthy track that features a very ominous single guitar along with percussive drums. Then the guitars get thicker and heavier, along with the vocals to snarl along, and with some added groove one basically has the skeleton of the song. However, fortunately, the song ebbs and flows with different guitar melodies and chord patterns so it doesn't get boring after a while. However, the musical formula is very simple, very raw. Other notable tracks are "Doed Over't Galgeveld" which balances speedy riffs with the groove of rock. It is a bit more intense than the others, but even the drums can still be heard properly, and they still beat away in procession mode.

"Godsgerecht Geschiedde" puts things in extreme black metal proportions by basically sacrificing all melody. What was once sounding like Khold- a Norwegian groove black metal band- now sounds like Tertaism, who are a raw black metal band from the U.S. The music is deadly intense, but somehow the throaty vocals keep some sort of melody as they roar and moan away at times. The album epic, "Gesta Sancti Servatii," sounds a bit like the first track as it starts out simple, featuring a single guitar melody with the drums, and then kicks into the heavier notes later. Compared to the first, this track is a lot more stylish and progressive. The music isn't as groove laden as there are a lot of moments where the guitars just burn away all resistance and the drums start to feel like they are being wielded by a machine rather than a man, but there's a few moments where the drums finally change their pace and guitar solos rise and fall rather than stay in the same key. Eventually the track fades out some very creepy percussive work and a synth, which is a great way to end a black metal album.

Goroth are impressive, one has to give them that. Fans of Satyricon and Marduk will love them for the balance of groove and also pure, evil musical power. The blasphemy meter is on high, but so is the musicianship. Certainly worth checking out for anyone who likes spicy black metal rather than the bland, standard stuff or the flowery, so called 'cheesy' symphonic black metal kind.

  1. Tombeveld
  2. Thiedenbecke
  3. Doed Over't Galgeveld
  4. Do Ut Des
  5. Godsgerecht Geschiedde
  6. Heidewake
  7. Gesta Sancti Servatii

Twilight Vetrieb
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Jun 17, 2010

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