Grave - Burial Ground

Ahhhhh Grave!! The stench of rotten corpse`s fills my nostrils when i hear them. Make no bones about it, Grave have stuck to their guns throughout their 22 year plus career. So it is with this in mind that one should embrace this cd for exactly what it is. Extremely rotten filthy old school death metal. No frills, no bullshit. This is the real deal. This reviewer has had the pleasure of sharing a stage with these guys and they slayed live with alot of old classics but how does their new offering "Burial Ground" fare?

The album opening salvo "Liberation" bursts from your hifi speakers with utter filth and menace. You feel every last open chord in what definitely appears to be a slightly more polished production but however still maintains all its stink and heaviness. It sure does sound like Grave and as with my earlier statement have very much stuck to their guns. I think its so cool that these guys play almost the exact same style as they did in 88 as they do today. Its to be commended unlike alot of other trendy bands who have jumped on the scene bandwagon and changed to suit what all the kids are listening too. "Dismembered Mind" is a very cool stand out track for me and got my head knodding straight away. It has a very galloped feel then staright into that old school swedish filthy riffin`. I love it!!! When done right, i never grow tired of it and if your a fan of the old school swedish sound you should love this!

However, for me this cd gets even angrier towards the end from the track "Outcast" to the end. The album intensifies and sounds so much filthier and evil! Almost when i listen to the start of the cd again its sounds a little weaker in comparison but dont let that put you off as it almost sets you up for pure filthy anger that is Grave. Dont get me wrong there is nothing groundbreaking on this cd. Its not technical and its not full of blastbeats. This band is a part of the history of death metal and should be respected so. Check out the artwork on this cd too by Costin Chioreanu, i gotta say,its class! Pick this up if your a fan of the old school or forever your flesh will rot!

1. Liberation 
2. Semblance in Black 
3. Dismembered Mind 
4. Ridden With Belief 
5. Conquerer 
6. Outcast 
7. Sexual Mutilation 
8. Bloodtrail 
9. Burial Ground

Regain Records
Reviewer: Connor
May 24, 2010

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