Gravecoven – Coughing Blood

Gravecoven are an american black metal three piece. "Couching Blood" is the debut EP following some demos and singles.

Starting off with a mid-paced and filthy baritone guitars it is obvious these guys mean business. It’s black metal with a bit of a Profanatica and maybe a bit of Incantation. I mean this in tone rather than actual sound. The songs also go into slow and doom laden parts too and they just how long to ring things out before kicking back in. 'Furious Fire' with the beat under its main riff is dare I say it…… catchy! 'Spiritual Violence' has this howling in the background and gets quite melodic in parts. It brings Leviathan to mind. 'The Ecstasy Of Hatred' is easily the heaviest track they really turn up the aggression on this one and it leaves you intrigued and wanting more.

It’s a 20 minutes EP but you get the idea of what these guys are about. It’s worth investing in and I think a full album will also be worth the wait.

  1. Summoning Vengeance
  2. Furious Fires
  3. Spiritual Violence
  4. The Ecstasy Of Hatred