Grind Inc. - Lynch And Dissect

Here we have the fourth album from German four piece Grind Inc. These guys play what is pretty much straight up death metal. If you are looking for a grind band as the name does not suggest - if you are reading this, you should know that no grind band on earth would call themselves grind anything - look elsewhere. Truth be told, it is an odd name. However, if you are looking for straight up death metal with a touch of the old (ish) school, then Grind Inc. are the band for you.

There is not a song under three minutes here with album closer The Debate From Within clocking in at 6.05. Thats not to say that this is progressive and I do not mean that as an insult purely a description. This is competently played, mid to slightly faster paced death metal. The production is very modern and crisp sounding, you can hear everything as it was intended to be heard I am sure.

The guys are pulling influence from some elements of tech - see more widdly guitar parts in the aforementioned album closer. There is a slight core influence in some of the rhythms and tones on display here or should that read there are some death influences in some core music? - you decide.

This album clocks in at roughly 43.16 and does lose some focus that could have been regained through some editing. The bottom line is that this is competently played and well produced death metal. These guys are not reinventing the wheel but are flying the flag for death metal and doing it well without breaking the mould.

  1. Stillborn Paradise

  2. Lynch And Dissect

  3. Beyond Recognition

  4. Damned To Vengeance

  5. Praise The Light

  6. Unasked Heirs

  7. Decimate

  8. Forced To Consume

  9. The Debate From Within

Bastardized Recordings
Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 16, 2010

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