Grindpad - Grave Matter

Grindpad hail from one of my favourite countries in the world. Holland. Utrecht to be precise. I found Holland a very mellow country to visit but mellow this release is not! This release is an e.p. jam packed with relentless non stop grindage. Its a nasty piece of work!!! The production is very clean punchy and crisp but its fuckin heavy! The lyrical content is influenced by all things barbaric and brutal. These guys have a dual vocal assault that rip you to shred and of course the grindin' chainsaw sound guitars. It kinda reminds me of early Brutal Truth except with an even more triggered drum sound which I kinda feel what lets this e.p. down slightly but not by much so its a minor gripe, with the drums sounding the way they do it almost gives a Rotten Sound feel in the sound of the production.

These guys are unsigned at the minute so its only a matter of time till these guys are snapped up and I look forward to a full length from them! Grind your mind! I know you grind fans out there will love it. Expect to hear from these guys again real soon.

1. Coffinfeeder
2. Terror Incognita
3. Stab By Stab
4. Deathplant
5. Slave World Parasite
6. Those About To Die

Self released
Reviewer: Connor
Dec 20, 2009

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