Gruesome Stuff Relish - Sempiternal Death Grind

Together with their compatriots from Haemorrhage,Gruesome Stuff Relish (GSR) are the best known (at least to me of corpse) Carcass-worshipping Spanish band. But unlike Haemorrhage whose lyrics deal mainly with medical pathological themes,the point here is put on the classic horror movies and especially those of the great Fulci. No wonder the opening track is titled "A Date With Fulci". In GSR's discography "Sempiternal Death Grind" is album number three after "Teenage Giallo Grind" from 2002 and "Horror Rises From The Tomb" from 2004 plus numerous split records with different bands.

In terms of music the title says it all - GSR attacks your ears with a deadly mix of oldschool death/grind (think Carcass,Impetigo,Necrony...) and raging D-beat/punk aggression. The vocals are two different types in the good old Carcass tradition - one deep and grunting while the other is sounding like Jeff Walker with a throat cancer. Don't expect complex virtuoso stuff from GSR,their music is all about simple flesh-ripping guitar riffs and pounding drums. The good news about "Sempiternal Death Grind" is that the tracks have actual groove and are far from the monotonous brutality of many present-day records. The predominantly crusty tempo is just perfect for moshing and headbanging. My personal favourites are "Became A Zombie" and "Sex,Drugs & Grind" (great title by the way). One more thing that has to be mentioned is the use of synths in some of the tracks which add some some special horror atmosphere. "S.O.S.","The End Is Near" and the closing "Scratching The Violet Velvet" are enriched with some creepy synth sounds and the final result is quite interesting so congratulations to GSR for this decision. Add to that the powerful stomping tracks like "Desecrated" (it reminds me strongly of the Checz perverts from Isacaarum) and "In Death We Breath" (influenced by the oldschool Swedish sound of Entombed and Dismember) and you will get one pretty decent album. If you happen to be a fan of the old anathomical anthems of Carcass and the Impetigo horror tales then "Sempiternal Death Grind" is a must for you! Gruesome Stuff indeed!

1. A Date With Fulci
2. Desecrated
3. Deadlicious Feast
4. S.O.S.
5. They Are The Plague
6. End Is Near
7. They Follow Your Scent
8. Became A Zombie
9. Gruesome Stuff Relish
10. Sex,Drugs & Grind
11. In Death We Breath
12. Scratching The Violet Velvet