Guild Of Destruction - We Are Vermin

Death Metal can sometimes be fast and furious, brutal, slow and crusty and all in between. Australian band Guild Of Destruction pay homage to the speed and technical abilities of Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal, if you like, a happy modern crossover of the Florida and European (non-Scandinavian) sound. The opening ‘Brutal As Cunt’ certainly hits the spot. You have thundering double bass work, maximizing early thrash riffs of Slayer and a groove of the David Vincent or the Evil Chuck kind. Vocally, there is also a little of everything to offer, deep guttural growls, to the classic death rasp, in fact this band encompass quite a lot of your favourite death metal bands all in one.

There is plenty of fast picking, random pinch harmonics (on ‘Death of Man’ – also possessing a cracking solo!) to suit the most picky death metal fan. In the pit with these guys will cause back and neck pain, whilst I don’t find this groundbreaking, as I have said before, all of the good elements are here in gut wrenching quantities. ‘Mutating the Gene’ is American to the core, wondrous chugging, pace and flashes of magical guitar work matches the intensity of some of the considered classic death metal releases from the American scene, although the frantic double kick drum work sounds a little odd with the acoustic work in the centre section of the track, but it’s a different take on a classic arrangement, kudos for that. ‘Suffering the Beast’ slows down to a tremendous pace that would simply leave corpses rotten in their wake. The artwork on this release also has something of a vintage feel to it. I expect to see rotten images, Armageddon, corpses, zombies etc, which is the true essence of death metal imagery for me. ‘The Abyss’ is another display of technical wizardry and the album closer ‘Vengeance of Salvation’ slows down the blood flow and leaves you wondering if the cold feeling is in fact death or the fact that you have listened to a pretty stellar album.

1. Brutal As Cunt
2. Mutating The Gene
3. When Angels Fuck Demons
4. Death Of Man
5. Suffering The Beast
6. Plague Elixir
7. My Ruins
8. The Abyss
9. Vengeance Of Salvation
Grindhead Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Nov 22, 2010

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