Gûlgûta - Gûlgûta

Gûlgûta is a gore/grindcore band from Fribourg, Switzerland founded by Stéphane Mauroux aka Fermentor. This is their first album which has an intro and 20 tracks. The intro is atmospheric and reveals nothing of what is to come. What follows is a mix of original chaotic riffs and drums. Chaotic in a good way. Fans of the genre can appreciate the rusty sound.

Rául Fernandez is a spanish origin broad-based drummer who can handle different styles of music, as seen on his youtube channel. He also produced the album. Stéphane is the multi-instrumentalist on the album. He takes care of the vocals, bass and guitar. Sometimes the overall sound sounds a bit messy, but for many listeners, this is no problem, I expect. The vocals sound good, partly due to the variations of Stéphane in high and low pitched grunts. I hope that Gûlgûta will pay more attention to the overall sound on the next album, but obviously they’re free to choose so. They can also choose to put their lyrics on their album (are there lyrics in the first place?). For me it’s completely unknown what their music is about, but sometimes we would not even know. The songs are Roman numbered, from I, II… till XX. The artwork is cool though.

Will Gûlgûta stay a project-based band or will they appear live in a powertrio for example? I don’t know but I think it will be fun to watch them live.

  1. Intro
  2. I
  3. II
  4. III
  5. IV
  6. V
  7. VI
  8. VII
  9. VIII
  10. IX
  11. X
  12. XI
  13. XII
  14. XIII
  15. XIV
  16. XV
  17. XVI
  18. XVII
  19. XVIII
  20. XIX
  21. XX


Self released
Reviewer: Chinaski
Jun 21, 2014
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