Gutted – Martyr Creation

A band formed back in 1998, released its first demo on 2000 and in the year 2016 releasing its latest, 4th full length is definitely something you ought to check. Gutted are from Hungary (careful here not to confuse them with the Americans) and “Martyr Creation” is their new album succeeding, “Path Of A New Era”, their EP of 2013. The album consists of a nice blend of brutal death metal with technicalities here and there. In the description they claim to have grindcore elements also but pardon me, I didn’t notice any. To my ears this new album from the Hungarians is the perfect blend for those who like their brutal shit, technical as well.

Short Sci-fi into and then ‘Cosmos Of Humans’ breaks in ravaging all in sight. Technical riffs, covering a wide range of styles in the genre, and a relentless drummer blasting almost from start to end with tremendous accuracy. Top Notch.

‘False Happiness’ is the one to bust your face in with its intro. Short drum bursts following the guitar chops and after the intro all hell breaks loose. A nice break in the middle of the song evens the scales a bit and kind of allows you to get your shit together but not for long. Ferocious ending and of to the next one.

The songs proceed in a tremendous pace and it is not that they are small in length. 3 minutes average length but they are constructed in such way that they don’t get tiresome. A swirl of technical-brutal riffing sucks you in it. The Hungarians are true players. Sweep picks, swirling riffs and many more technical terms are to be found in plenty in this fourth studio album of Gutted which in my humble opinion is their most balanced one. Brutality evens technicality here. One doesn’t drop its shadow to the other and of course one works in favor of the other. The production is exquisite. Ok maybe I would prefer it a bit more rough but fuck it. Can’t have everything as you want it right? Everything has its special place in the mix and again they all work cohesive and unique.

The perfect production I would say, to bring forth the technical character these Hungarian brutalers possess. Will bring in mind a lot of Necrophagist or in some points Deeds Of Flesh n stuff. 8 songs, an intro and an outro and after 30 minutes everything goes back from the start. An excellent fourth studio album from the Hungarians that prove that even after 16 years, they can still serve ferocious death metal to make your ears bleed. Job well done!

Reviewer: Andy Christos

Feb 16, 2017

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Gutted – Martyr Creation

  1. Chaos Of The Beginning (Intro)
  2. Cosmos Of Humans
  3. False Happiness
  4. Consuming Life
  5. Deeper Than Hell
  6. Fades Away (feat. Attila Vörös)
  7. Kings Of Emptiness
  8. Hell Dwells Inside
  9. Into Oblivion (feat. Attila Csihar)
  10. Atrophied Existence (Outro)


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