Gutter Instinct – Heirs Of Sisyphus

This Swedish death metal outfit has had a steady stream of releases over the last few years culminating in this sophomore full length that adopts the tried and tested Swedeath template of blood curdling grisly deathliness. Opening track “Satan Within” has a slow starting sequence before the abrupt jarring change to blasting ferocity with a gnarly riff that had me scribbling down Undergang due to its inherent crustiness. There is a blackness to this album that threads its corruptness through via the atmosphere too but at its beating bloodthirsty heart is death metal as the opener savages the listener with chaotic assailing maelstrom.

I’ve always liked the slower aspects of Swedeath and 'Zenon' begins that way with a slithering riff initially before crawling into a faster riff and blast beat. This album is about fluidised changes, with each song fluxing and morphing from one phase to another with grotesque efficiency typified on 'The Abyss Speaks' with its desolate opening riff. The dramatic starting riff had me thinking about Behemoth’s 'Chant For Eschaton' before it cohesively transitions into the blast segment. There is a creeping menace to this track that reaches out to you, the speed is insane too which continues into 'Shock Doctrine' utilising that speed in waves of utter destructive power.

'Tip Of The Spear' is wholly savage, it has a pernicious and malevolence that is intrinsically virulent, the track is pummelling but when the change in speed arrives it is tangential, creating an oblique atmosphere with a catchy guitar hook. The sauntering double bass infests the tune creating amorphous miasmic torrent that eventually sends the song back into a rancid death metal beast that continues into the obliterating 'The Luminous Darkness' that leaves only the epic title track to finish you off. The morbidly slow start is perfect, the bitumen like pace skulks ominously before it detonates and the vocals bellow at you unceremoniously as this track gives more indications of the blackened embellishments courtesy of the riffing style. A cracking riff break bulldozes three quarters in and is followed by a lightning lead break that is slashed by the dementedly fast blast beat as the track veers from one tempo change to another.

Gutter Instinct’s ability to craft tempestuously violent, yet powerful death metal songs is outstanding, as they blitz you with eight tracks of bombarding finesse.

  1. Satan Within
  2. Zenon
  3. The Abyss Speaks
  4. Shock Doctrine
  5. Uncreation
  6. Tip Of The Spear
  7. The Luminous Darkness
  8. Heirs Of Sisyphus