H-George - Neurotic

H-George is a self taught guitarist from Italy and because his bandmates were unreliable he decided to go his own way. So H-George is not only his name but also the name of the band. On this MCD he got help of drummer Carlos and vocalist Trevor (Sadist). The music you hear on this MCD is labeled Alocoholic Thrash Metal and this is explained in the 30 minute documentary on DVD where the trio talk about the recording with italian english subtitles haha. The tempo is mid paced with some rapid fires with ofcourse the emphasise on the riffs and leads. And as H-George is self taught he isn't doing bad at all. Maybe the riff are not opening new worlds but his leads are nice and my fav is the one in the end of "Enemy" where tempo is speeding up together with his solo. Great. Arrangements of the songs remind sometimes of Sadist maybe because of Trevor but maybe also because Tommy was involved.

The four songs are entertaining and they are preparing a full length for the end of this year. Alocoholic Thrash Metal yeah, nice music to listen to with a cold six pack!

1. Blood Of Death
2. Neurotic
3. Enemy
4. Cruelty

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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