H-Tray - Distressing Report

Step up and getcha pull of this french Quientet! By far "Distressing Report" is one of the best and most original albums I have heard this year. H-Tray take the best parts of Thrash, Hardcore, and Death Metal, and produce sonic fury. In you face clean to gutteral vocals, Insane Chops, A skilled rythmic drummer that Gene Hoglan himself might even declair bad fuckin' ass. Distressing Report is full of pit worthy break downs, snap neck tempo changes, Metal at its very best. And a new addition to the fold.. New Drummer Lea. As the name would imply it is indeed a woman. Chicks fucking rock. Dont beleive me.. Listen to Arch Enemy! This is what The Haunted, Pantera, and Divine Heresy would sound like in a fight.

1. Short Lived New Trend
2. Ten Years After
3. Distressing Report Part 1
4. Distressing Report Part 2
5. Behind Each Door
6. Stressed Mind
7. Alert
8. Waste For Life
9. Wise Up
10. Median Forebrain Bundle
11. Aberation
12. Dust In The Wind

Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009
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