Hacavitz - Mezti Obscura

Hacavitz are storming the world with their third full length album off the legendary Moribund Cult Records label. It is no surprise that Moribund would sign a band as twistedly enjoyable as Hacavitz, known for their focus on Mexican mythology combined with grim, dirty death metal laced with melodic and somber blackened doom metal notes. Their latest offering to the metal gods, 'Mezti Obscura,' is their finest example. While they are usually extremely aggressive, especially with the guitars, they've taken a more mystical and atmospheric approach to their music by layering the blazing guitars with melodic ones, often thrashy, often depressing, to create an enjoyable listen for all who dare listen to this band.

There is a bit of a thrashy tinge to the opening "To Meet Again." Hacavitz signature buzzing, grim guitars are always present and layered along with the blasting drums. The solos are always the most interesting part because Hacavitz tend to go for their most catchy/ melodic moments then, or right before the chorus. Considering there are only two people in this band its a wonder they can make all the noise they do, and even more interesting to see them live with sessions players. One guitar is always a backdrop of noise while a different one is more melodic, especially on the track "Hablan Los Muertos." This song features a very depressive black metal repetitive guitar structure while the drums take on a slow, plodding pace compared to their usual machine gun riffing. The vocals too have become a hybrid of black and death metal, sounding more anguished and echoed, which really adds to the atmosphere of the music overall.

Sadly, it seems that the beginning of 'Mezti Obscura' is the most interesting. Later on a lot of music bleeds together and tends to sound all the same, especially while listening to "Angstcraftwerk" and "Sulphur Winds." The two tracks sound exactly the same with the unnecessary pause of the songs switching in between. This is Hacavitz at its best in death metal, but considering they've already shown that before with previous albums, it takes away from the mystic and dark atmosphere that makes 'Mezti' so exciting. Still, the band has not lost their touch as far as keeping the lyrics a good mix of Spanish and English so they retain their cultural heritage. The occult darkness that runs throughout the album is sure to entice listeners who frequent Moribund Cult itself. For those who believe the label is populated too much my black metal, give Hacavitz's death metal outlet a try. It's one part Drawn and Quartered with one part I Shalt Become, and all heavy f'cking metal!

  1. To Meet Again
  2. Ye Parani Eojtocomol
  3. Towards Black Pest
  4. Hablan los Muertos
  5. Most Unclean
  6. Cauitl Glalticpac
  7. Angstcraftwerk
  8. Sulphur Winds
  9. Gorajtzin Miqui

Moribund Cult Records
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Oct 31, 2010

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