Haemorrhage - Apology For Pathology

Haemorrhage don't need no introduction as they are in the grindcore scene for more than 15 years. I always liked the band with the insane frontman Lugubrious. I met the band with the "Emetic Cult" album and sticked to them. Haemorrhage have the ability to make songs that are carved deep in your mind. Hammer songs that have surigcal precision with escapades for roughness. Bassdrum blasts, screaming and grunting vocals and thick short riffing. Haemorrhage is the top grind band from Spain and with this lovely titled album they show why. The official disc comes with a enhanced part with video (unfortunately not on this promo).

1. Posthumous Predation
2. Feasting on Purulence
3. Frenzied genital carbonization
4. Antemortem Thanatopraxis
5. Disgorging Innards
6. Festerfeast
7. Excruciating Denervation of the Lumbar Spine
8. Edible Necrectomy
9. Intravenous molestation of obstructionist arteries (o-pus V)
10. Cadaveric Metamorphose
11. Furtive Dissection
12. Surgical Extravaganza
13. Syndicate of sickness
14. Apology for Pathology

Morbid Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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