Haemorrhage - Hospital Carnage

Hospital Carnage is not just an album about gore in a hospital, but also an alternate view
on how the hospital system is pure carnage. Sometimes, a hospital is not only physically
mutilating you when they don't even know what's wrong with you, but also destroying you
financially. I like how the band makes light of the theme by using an animated cover, yet keeps it simple and realistic with the capital H in traditional sign form. This band really balances horrific lyrical imagary and vocal attacks while playing really solid music and having fun while doing it.

The opening track "Open Heart Butchery" is the strongest track on the album. It has groove the whole time and is catchy. It definitely sets the stage for the entire album. I was pleasantly suprised to hear a blues rock solo in "Resusciation Manoeuvres". It's great to hear influences from musicians that come from their roots. I'm not saying a majority of the album doen't have a oldschool hardcore influence, but the main riff in "Flesh Devouring Pandemia" just makes me want to knock over my coffee table and start a circle pit in my living room. "Amputation Protocol" has some great blasting paired with a relentless vocal attack. "Necronatalogy" is only 55 seconds, but it's one of the more unique tracks on this album. It's a doom death feel mixed with grind parts. I wish the album had more songs like this.

The vocals are the most interesting part of the album. He is constantly changing his pitch
and his vocal sounds while consistently having pronunciation and articulation. I love the monster horror movie type vocals, and the high/low layered vocals are really well done. At times, I really feel like this band was very influenced by oldschool Slayer and Metallica. They took all the fierce intensity from those bands and added it to their gore grind to make Haemorrhage. One of the most solid albums of its genre with superb 2011 production quality. Now go stab yourself in the throat and acquire the gonads of a primordial beast so you can rival the vocals.

  1. Open Heart Butchery
  2. Traumageddon
  3. Resuscitation Manoeuvres
  4. Flesh Devouring Pandemia
  5. Fomite Fetish
  6. Amputation Protocol
  7. 911 (Emergency Slaughter)
  8. Doctors Of Malpractice
  9. Tumour Donor
  10. Hospital Thieves
  11. Splatter Nurse
  12. Hypochondriac
  13. Ingreso Cadaver
  14. Necronatolgy
  15. Intravenous Molestation Of Obstructionist Arteries [O-Pus Vi]