Haemorrhage - The Kill Sessions

Originally calling themselves Devourment, they later renamed themselves Haemorrhage. While this is not a bad thing, I am quite sure theres a few guys in Texas who are glad they did change there name. Haemorrhage have been at the forefront of what we all consider goregrind since 1990. From demos to current releases, they have been apart of more than 30 official releases, and are hailed as one of the sickest bands on the planet. This is the soundtrack for your next funeral feast, or your next female cannibal dinner party. Nothing better than a bunch of girls eating each other right guys??? Heavy, fast, grotesque and being banned in countries!  Haemorrhage is a must have for fans of General Surgury,Exhumed, and the gods of medical goregrind, Carcass.

1. Mortuary Riot
2. Oozing Molten Gristle
3. Disgorging Innards
4. Dissect, Exhume, Devour
5. Exquisite Eschatology
6. Anatomized
7. Decoma-posers
8. Excavating the Iliac Fosse
9. Furtive Dissection
10. I'm a Pathologist

Emetic Records
Reviewer: Rick
Feb 26, 2009

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