Hail Spirit Noir - Pneuma

The most unique black metal I've ever heard. If a Greek black metal cave dweller murdered the singer of a 60's psychedlic rock band and took his place you would get Hail Spirit Noir. Two members from Transcending Bizarre? make up this astounding two piece. This is mastered by Jens Bogren that also worked with Opeth, Katatonia, and Amon Amarth. It was mixed at Lunatech Studios which worked with Rotting Christ. When you finish listening to this you'll understand why they chose to use both of these avenues.

In "Mountain Of Horror" the guitar tone and keys give it that great vintage psychedelic rock sound. At times I feel like I'm listening to a black metal version of Can. So inspiring to hear someone mesh these styles together so cohesively. "Let Your Devil Come Inside" has some unique clean vocals that slightly remind me of Micheal Akerfeldt. The violin in this track really sets the mood. "Kill your mother while your still in her womb"... haha what a ridiculously awesome line. The drums are an eclectic mix of styles that fit each mood of the music perfectly. He knows when to be intense and other times reserved with tones of feel and syncopation. "Against The Curse, We Dream" is one of those progressive tracks that draws your thought process out. "When All Is Black" is like Opeth meets a jazz symphony with a mix of clean and wretched vocals. At the end of "Into The Gates Of Time" there is ambient pond noise for almost three minutes. Unique idea that is well placed on the album and is relaxing. The large swell of the hum of insects and amphibians at night is entrancing and cleansing. Throughout the album there is a wide variety of vocal styles. There is also a handful of fantastic rock solos pitter pattered throughout the record. Any true guitar lover would fall head over heels for this record. Even the bass tone and riffage is spot on.

Once again I must reiterate that this is the most unique forward thinking black metal record out there. I'll go as far as to say this is one of the most unique albums ever.

  1. Hail The Leaf
  2. Mountain Of Horror
  3. Let Your Devil Come Inside
  4. Against The Curse, We Dream
  5. When All Is Black
  6. Into The Gates Of Time
  7. Haire Pneuma Skoteino

Reviewer: Hollow Lung
Jan 21, 2012

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