Haissem - Demonotone

Do you like death metal? Do you like your death metal to be modern yet always remembering to pay homage to the great ones that came before, most still around? If so, then boy or girl do I have a band for you. Introducing, if you haven't heard of them already, Haissem and their new album "Demonotone." That's right, I said Haissem's new album "Demonotone," the slicing and dicing, ripping and blasting new album, sure to make your everyday life even better than you ever thought possible. This monster delivers on all those feel good moments you look for when shopping for your death metal. No more flipping through endless albums of the same old, cookie cutter death and being let down three tracks in, no more "Dad, this sounds like another Incantation clone." For now there is "Demonotone" and it's endless new ideas to keep you interested and throwing up those horns. Place your orders now, operators are standing by.

What is it that you are ordering, you may be asking? Well, let's all take a look at the band that is behind this amazing, new, must have product, "Demonotone," Haissem. Haissem are actually a one man band hailing from Donetsk, Ukraine who started out as a melodic black metal band that had touches of death metal within but now they are the death dealing machine we have here before us. A death metal machine with touches of that aforementioned melodic black metal that is on point and consistent enough that you always know what you are getting, yet varied enough to always hold your interest, no matter how many uses(listens). A value that is truly undeniable, how can you not want to order "Demonotone" today? Once again, operators are standing by.

Act now, time is always running out, for humanity, get your new "Demonotone" today, before the Apocalypse comes and it's too late. This is the part in the infomercial styled commercial where the deep voiced narrator comes in. Here he says, "Haissem's "Demonotone" is a self released, digital only product that can only be procured through his very own Bandcamp page at https://haissem.bandcamp.com/album/demonotone. No shipping or handling needed. Order today!"


1. Hornography
2. Recursion
3. Internal Void
4. H.A.T.E. (Humans Are the Epigones)
5. Through Insominia
6. The Shadowhunt
7. Demonotone

Self released
Reviewer: Manos Michaelides
Oct 30, 2019

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