Hallux Valgus – Death Will Prevail

The Chilean outfit Hallux Valgus has a three track demo out in 2016 whose tracks have been rerecorded for the band’s debut EP ("Death Will Prevail") which kicks off with 'Twilight Of The Dead'. The band offer a no nonsense old school death metal approach and like many South American extreme metal acts the band has adopted a stripped back raw production style which sees the guitar hack into the listener taking out veritable chunks with the drums clamouring in the background. There is also a slight echo on the production thereby giving the sound an old 80s like vibe which you’ll either love or despise which personally I like.

There is also a very chaotic structure to the songs at time created by the drum work as 'Graveyard Ritual' has a thrash like riff with the rabid tempo and filthy vocal emanations that also have a slight echo and veer into a black thrash guise. The bass work rumbles through the song especially when it slows down into a funereal pace pulsing slowly before returning the frenzied style which much of this release sits within. 'Hot Puke' is chaotic beginning with a fine cymbal smashing riff salvo where the blasting blurs to the point of oblivion and is crazily fast that the song is undecipherable on the snare until it slows down, a trait that continues into 'Under The Ritual Of Necromancy'.

'Slaughter Lambs' starts with a bonesawing riff and demonic vocals that leads into a speed surge that threatens to send the track into a crevasse of pandemonium before reining the speed in for an extended period of vocal death grunts and groans. The EP closes with instrumental “Casket Land” and I did question whether this was the right way to end the release instead of the track preceding it which is 'Only Death Will Prevail' which is a short insane assault of ear-piercing shredding mania. However the instrumental contrasts hugely with the other songs being far more melodic but still has that aura of out of control structuring via the drumming and ends this frenzied and berserk debut EP.


1. Twilight Of The Dead
2. Crawling Are The Dead
3. Hot Puke
4. Under The Ritual Of Necromancy
5. Slaughter Lambs
6. Only Death Will Prevail