Hammerdrone - A Demon Rising

In one of my previous reviews I mentioned for a reason countries that have a tradition in breeding high quality bands. I think the reference then was Switzerland. Well, here comes another country to join the list of the quality breeders. Hammerdrone is a young band out of Calgary-Canada, and they are a band that I believe will be discussed a lot among the metal circles! Firstly because of their composing skills and secondly of their skills as musicians! "A Demon Rising" is their EP for 2012 and also their first musical release! And I have to say. What a nice way to start. These guys from Canada seem to be the type of band that shut you up, even if their musical approach is not your cup of tea! Musically they play almost everything that concerns the extreme sound. From blastbeats to black metal themes and to more technical death metal interpolations, all combined in harmony, with the solos and lead guitar themes, gaining the ground of the strongest weapon in their arsenal. Their guitarists both the lead and the rhythm one, really know how to play their instrument and above all, they know how not to make you feel bored!

This is not a tech death metal album were the only thing the guitarists know is how to play solo. Those dudes here seem to have a wide variety of techniques and of course they also have mastered their discipline! The riffs are a level beyond interesting, and their combination with the lead parts and the solos make the guitar work on this one simply outstanding! The bass line seems mostly attached to the drum beats providing the music with the proper gravity needed. The drummer instead of brutality, speed and wrathful performances, prefers groove. And why the hell not? After all they got nothing to prove to anybody! Steady as a rock, mostly smooth and groovy but also fast and blastish when needed! A drummer with the sole aim to create vibes impossible, not to shake your head with. They got me on that one. Oohh and how could I forget... the vocalist is a beast everyone wants to have in their front yard. Master of many brutal vocal techniques! From growling to black metal shrieks to hard and loud screaming bust mostly keeps his vocal chords on the growling section. This band's only weak spot is their name. Really... with such talent in music and song titles they could have come with a more inspirational name.

When a band has song titles as 'Last Stand On Gibraltar' and 'Annihilation In Equilibrium', they can't stick with a name as Hammerdrone. Haha!! But again that's my opinion on that matter. I may as well be the weird one here. If I had to describe Hammerdrone's music to a buddy of mine, I would say that technical and groovy blackened death metal, is the term that fits my ears best... but fuck that it's too big to remember and who needs it anyway? Extreme metal at it's best ladies and gentlemen. As simple and dangerous as that sounds. Go for it!


  1. A Demon Rising
  2. Last Stand On Gibraltar
  3. Another Winter
  4. Annihilation In Equilibrium

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Dec 3, 2012

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