Hammered - The Beginning

This is a debut release from these Italians who sound like they have a fair few influences from that glorious decade the 1980’s. With both Power (80’s style), thrash and even a marginal touch of speed metal represented, there is much promise and variation in abundance on this release.

‘Masters of Your Nightmares’ could be mistaken for a Helloween track, especially the vocal melody that is delivered, whilst the intricate finger work from the rhythm section keep even the most hardened power metal fan happy. Whilst the production is clean and crisp there is still a sense of urgency, a slight pyre of evil within the sound, not all of this style has to be happy and joyful thankfully. Take ‘Money’ which doesn’t contain much else other than a slower arduous guitar piece and a gurgled fable relating to money being the root of all evil and other stuff like that, we kill for it, we want more of it…true, we do!
Further into the release there is a real curveball with the sweet sounds of Dream Theater’s ‘Wait for Sleep’ from ‘Images and Words’ and to be fair, this is a nice come down from an album that on the whole has a real rush of excitement and pace delivering on many and numerous levels. ‘See You In Hell’ is my stand out track, this is speedier and has deft little time changes reminding me of both Grave Digger and Gamma Ray plus other bands of that style.

All in all ‘The Beginning’ is a perfect title for this vibrant debut metal monster that plays tribute to some of the most revered styles of the past.


  1. No Time For Us
  2. Space Invaders
  3. See You In Hell
  4. Masters Of Your Nightmares
  5. Money
  6. Bloody Fields
  7. From Paradise To Hell
  8. The Five Hunters
  9. Never Dies
  10. Wait For Sleep (cover Dream Theater)