Hammers Of Misfortune - The Locust Years

Classically influenced chord changes with melodic guitar lines, soft male and female vocals, poetic lyrics influenced by religion and philosophy, the black plague and the crusades, pianos, acoustic and electric guitars as well as electric organs intricately interwoven into a fabric of medievil melodrama. All these characterize the sound of Hammers of Misfortune. The Hammers are an eclectic act founded by guitarist John Cobbett (GWAR) in the late 90's. Their new album "The Locust Years" is their third album in five years and their second on Italian label Cruz Del Sur Music. Their prior works "The Bastard" (2001) and "The August Engine" (2003) met with critical acclaim and "The Locust Years" shall be no different. The Hammers are one of the more original metal acts and they definitely transcend the musical boundaries of genre and subgenre. "The Locust Years" is sure to win over fans of good music everywhere.

1. The Locust Years
2. We Are The Widows
3. Trot Out The Dead
4. Famine's Lamp
5. Chastity Rides
6. War Anthem
7. Election Day
8. Widow's Wall

Cruz Del Sur Music
Reviewer: mykke
Feb 26, 2009

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