Harasai - Psychotic Kingdom

Classed as melodic death metal from Germany, this band formed in 2006 and ‘Psychotic Kingdom’ is their second full length release. There are going to be obvious influences for a bands flirtation in this genre and ‘The Liquid Everything’ lays down some of the tried and tested blueprints that were made popular in one particular area of Sweden. Far from concentrating on this style, this time around Harasai have made some changes. The songs are generally more challenging taking in a fair few other influences, especially from the vocals and there are a few sound bites that would sit well on some blackened melodic death metal releases, but the overall impression is something of a Gothenburg sound although ‘Heretic Souls’ has some chord progressions that are in keeping with the darker side of music, there is a nice bit of melody in other quarters to bolster the sounds that this band produce.

‘Dying Race Domain’ really picks up the pace, the vocals present a more modern sound, a little more extreme overall and there are a couple of near blast beats bellowing from this song to keep your senses pumped. There is a lot going on musically and I am not sure how this would tie up in a live setting, it seems a bit busy. Mixed clean vocal harmonies fit well and become a welcomed break from what is overall a similar sounding record to what has gone before many times over again. The production is thick and forceful, the dynamics are also clear and present, but these do tend to work better in an isolated listening situation. Try to listen to this with other things going on in the background and you will miss some of the intricate riffs and mood changes that occur more often than not and there are a few areas where the style completely changes and can be very abrupt, you don’t expect them.

‘Psychotic Kingdom’ works for the bands ideas and vision, but I struggle to state that this will stand out from the collective crowd in terms of their peers within this genre, but it’s a good listen none the less.

  1. Resist To Rebuild
  2. The Liquid Everything
  3. Three Kings
  4. The Art Of The Sun
  5. Skywards We Fly
  6. Heretic Souls
  7. Psychotic Kingdom
  8. Dying Race Domain
  9. In Circles Forever
  10. Reflections