Harmony Dies - Impact

Berlin death metal act Harmony Dies are back in the frontline with a new album. 11 tracks (notice that it are one word titles?) of brutality, no harmony but with melody. Raging guitarriffs that flow into great leads. Together with the brutal vocals and the plundering drums the death metal feast is ready. Together with the new Prostitute Disfigurment, Morbid Records delivers two nice death metal album this month and it is hard to make a choice. Judge for yourself.

1. Narcotic
2. Blessing
3. Toxicated
4. Illfated
5. Impact
6. Farewell
7. Inside
8. Suffering
9. Instrumetal
10. Silence
11. Subliminal

Morbid Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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