Hateful - Coils Of A Consumed Paradise

After a short hiatus of reviewing, im pleased to be greeted with this monstrous slab of death metal by cool band all the way from Italy called Hateful. I have to say in my experiences, Italy has a fine fine pedigree of all genres of metal not just death metal and of course this is no different. The artwork upon presentation is instantly eye catching and reminisces that of the work of Dan Seagrave (my favourite metal artist-see suffocation "effigy" et al) though not quite as good but its still a great cover.

Instantly upon placing the cd into my player, i notice that the production is immense and huge sounding whilst maintaining the utmost heaviness one would expect. The guitars are super crunchy and chunky, the bass work here which has to be complimented is awesome as it compliments everything that is going on in the song and sits fantastic in the mix. The drums sound great and most importantly to me, they sound natural and not overly triggered. Every hit on every drum and cymbal can be heard with great clarity which is excellent.

Now, the important part, the songs! The writing style here reminds me of a hybrid of all the cool parts from Suffocation, Death, Morbid Angel and Immolation. There are enough twists and turns to satisfy those with a penchant for technical death metal but it also satisfies those who seek the grooves. The muscianship on offer here is second to none and has to be trully commended. I cant recommend enough that one checks this band out but i have to say that upon doing some research on the band, the band`s label, Horrors Of Yuggoth has so little information out there its quite hard to find. Luckily, the good people at Sevared Recs USA (sevared.com) are distributing this for them so go pick it up there! I have to say this album blew me away enough that ill be keeping an eye on these guys! any chance of some uk shows!? Buy this!

1. Painting The Abyss
2. Annihilate The Flesh
3. Every Impulse Eradicated
4. Chiseled In Our Flesh
5. Built On Nothingness
6. The Dawn Of Clarity 
7. Zenith Of Despair
8. Last Days Of Heaven
9. Piercing Through Shadows (Inception)
10. Crimson Legacy
11. Piercing Through Shadows (The Descent)
12. Ocular Devourment 
13. Piercing Through Shadows (Mortal Embrace)
Horrors Of Yuggoth
Reviewer: Connor
Dec 30, 2010

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