Héboïdophrénie - Cannibalism For Dummies

Unreadable logo? Check. Brutal artwork? Check. Barbaric song titles? Check. That's the initial impressions from France's brutal "deathgore" maniacs, Héboïdophrénie... just don't ask me to pronounce that! "Cannibalism For Dummies" is the band's second album since their 2013 debut, "Origin Of Madness".

On a first venture through the record it's noticeable that the band's peers are scattered all over the place. Influences of Lamb Of God, Dying Fetus and Despised Icon are easily picked up on and expressed with Héboïdophrénie's own flavour pinched into the mix. A fairly decent production of monstrous drumming and plenty of majestic riffs push the band into the right direction. Even the vocals are of a decent variation of literally everything that is remarked as solid in the underground domain. Often the vocals reminding me of Eddie Hermida whilst he was in All Shall Perish - The similarities are oddly identical. 'Beheaded' has enough ferocity to slam you into oblivion, and the slightly cringeworthy titled 'Hipster Slaughter' reveals a less technical, more breakdown obsessed approach that kicks ass no matter how much you claim to dislike the deathcore vibes it brags.

An impressive nature of metal is to create an album of songs that can't particularly be bound within one stronghold genre. Héboïdophrénie are defiantly capable of fusing sub-genres to make their album fit into a more diverse listing and therefore creating something more interesting than your standard deathcore or death metal album. Whilst Héboïdophrénie aren't boasting of bringing anything new or bold into the world of metal in 2020, they certainly fit right in with the bands who are succeeding in producing pummelling metal records that will definitely force you to bang your head to almost every riff and blast beat at hand.

3.5 / 5 STARS 


1. Intro
2. HFC (Human Are Fucking Cooked)
3. Beheaded
4. Flush The Meat
5. Techno Messiah
6. Bleeding Love
7. Doomsday
8. Hipster Slaughter
9. 2064
10. Left Half Dead
11. The Last Breath