Heidra - The Blackening Tide

Heidra come from the beautiful Denmark. They play folk/viking metal with black/melodic death and power metal touches and this is their 2nd full length album. The album was recorded, mixed and mastered at Kick Recording Studio in Rome (Italy) in 2017. Marco Mastrobuono (Coffin Birth, Hour Of Penance) did an excellent job recording mixing and mastering the album.

Heidra take advantage of their awesome double bass and use it to lay upon it their awesome heavy/power metal riffs and twin lead guitar harmonic lines. Especially the slower leads are as if coming from doom metal classic albums.

Their vocals will vary from clear/melodic to viking/power and then to black metal parts that remind me Cradle Of Filth. The heavy/power singing brought to mind bands like Iron Maiden, old Helloween and Grave Digger.

The orchestral passages are epic and glorious bringing to mind a huge palette of bands from old Manowar to Therion. The acoustic guitars and pianos add to the overall epic feeling of the album.

I think Heidra did an excellent job in their second album. They set high standards for the folk/viking metal subgenre that shall be hard for them to match. Or not? I shall be waiting for their next attack because Heidra have the potential for even bigger things. This is a record every folk/viking metal fan should buy, and a record all music lovers like me will surely enjoy!


1. Dawn
2. The Price In Blood
3. Rain Of Embers
4. Lady Of The Shade
5. A Crown Of Five Fingers
6. The Blackening Tide
7. Corrupted Shores
8. Hell's Depths