Heretic Warfare - Hell On Earth

Heretic Warfare are an extreme death metal band from Munster Germany. Which is fitting as this is a monster of an album.

Which incredibly low guttural vocals fronting an brutal set of riffs and blast beats Heretic Warfare will make you feel like a demon is roaring in an effort to intimidate you. "Hell On Earth" is a masterclass in what extreme death metal should be. The easiest way to describe this album is that it wouldn't feel out of place in a Doom game.

I personally struggle to find many faults with this album as it maintains the aggression throughout with only brief breaks for a intro or to start off a breakdown. The title track 'Hell On Earth' starts off with a slamming intro with a great use of build up the guitar and drums mixing together perfect. Even though the vocals are guttural and low you can still understand many of the lyrics which is insane for when you start growling, 'Rise Mighty Demon!' along to the chorus of 'Hell On Earth'. It is without a doubt my favourite song of the album. This is due to the mixing being without error, the build up to the solo and the solo itself is insane making anyone us all wish live performances were back on so we could start the biggest of mosh pits.

With lyrics about demons and hell itself this album isnít for the weak. If you listen to this album beginning to end you will want to restart it and listen to it all over again.

All the songs are different enough from each other that the album isn't a slog to get through and you are never left bored. Although I have never seen Heretic Warfare live, I would absolutely love to as this is truly the style of death metal, I love the most bringing all the elements together to create a truly brutal band.

If you haven't already listened to Heretic Warfare "Hell On Earth", you better do it as soon as possible. I cannot find any faults with the album and I can see it becoming a classic in extreme death metal.

5 / 5 STARS

1. Warfare On Heretic Scum
2. Hedonistic Perfection
3. Hell On Earth
4. Mass Murder Monument
5. Black Rage
6. Redemption Denied
7. Death Of A Traitor

Self released
Reviewer: Tom Peppard
Mar 24, 2021

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