Hex - God Has No Name

Hex from Spain are active since 2012. They released their debut album ("Deadly Sin") in 2014. And this is the their second album “God Has No Name” released this year by Transcending Obscurity Records.

This album contains 7 tracks of death/doom metal. The album kicks of with a long intro and then the brutalness starts. Low and heavy riffs combined with some technical passages. The grunts are also very nice. The drums are a bit to mechanical sounding for my taste.

'Soulsculptor' is a bit more in vain of the newer generation death metal but the song sounds very. More up tempo then doom. The third track, 'Worshipping Falsehood' has some more slow parts in it that gives it a bit more death doom in my opinion.. Next track 'Daevangelism - The Dark Sunset' also starts with an intro and then the banging factor comes again.

'Where Gods Shall Not Reign' and 'Apocryphal' are also fast and up tempo with the same solidness as the other songs. The last track 'All Those Lies That Dwells..' and there we go, death metal in an old school jacket with straight in your face riffs combined with a big dose of melody. Brutal grunts that are well understandable (a bit like Jungle Rot) combined with backing scream and grunts. After three quarters of that song everything being putted in the back ground that gives you the feeling that you are hearing the band from a mile away (and even reminds me a bit of Paradise Lost). And that sounds more doom than the rest of the album hahaha. So the last song is more my thing I guess.

Overall Hex brings you a very nice death metal album that has a lot of variety and a good and solid production. Very good grunts, tight guitar riffs and pounding drums. In my opinion the doom in this album is not very prominent in the music. But as I mentioned a good and solid death metal album.


1. Thy Kingdom Gone
2. Soulsculptor
3. Worshipping Falsehood
4. Daevangelism - The Dark Sunset
5. Where Gods Shall Not Reign
6. Apocryphal
7. All Those Lies That Dwells...