Hexxed - The Synapse Collision

Upon first inspection of this CD its worth mentioning that the cover work and packaging of this cd is beautiful. The artwork was done by Glyn Smyth who has done a superb job. Very eye-catching. The CD comes in a card digipack and looks trully class. Hexxed are a band who have underwent a huge metamorphosis. The band used to draw influences fromthe likes of Morbid Angel, Cynic and perhaps Atheist (the Florida sound one might say) with the clean passages of Opeth. Having once featured MetalIreland.com founder, Ciaran Tracey on vocals and guitar who left to follow a path in Folk noir (whatever the fuck that is), the guys have locked themselves away and created something quite dark but very interesting and most certainly very thought provoking.

Now upon this CD release, I watched from a far, and watched this CD get met with reviews ranging from maginificent to darn right absurd. The album still maintains the aforementioned influences whilst embracing Meshuggah-tinged influences as well as vocal influences which remind me of that of one Layne Staley of Alice In Chains. A bizarre combo you might think but take my word from it, it works strangely enough. The guitar sound I thought was alittle thin with the bass cutting through perhaps a little too much at times in the mix though however all is fantastically executed. The music is so well crafted I can see the lads have spent considerable time writing this beast. The drum work is awesome whilst not being over
indulgent and is complimentary to the track always. The are some really cool syncopated parts and poly rhythmic parts which sound great. Whilst I like the new vocalist, Martin Byrne, I'm not so sure if he is on par with his predecessor though however I would like to hear him sing some of the bands back catalouge just to see what if. I would to hear him sing "Primacy" from the band's demo "Transgression". There is a fair bit of electronic sampling and it reminded me in places of Nocturnus "The Key" and perhaps the cyber sounds of Meshuggahs "Catch33". Some might find this off putting but it works so good.

I believe this CD to be one of those albums, you either get it or you don't. I get it and I think it sounds class. This entity of Hexxed should be regarded as a separate form from the bands previous existence and this CD should be digested as one big canvas of music. Perhaps have a toke to this CD and maybe this CD could be a journey through the human psyche. Mind bending stuff.

  1. Engaging The Flow
  2. The Sound Of Thought In Torsion
  3. The Electric Mind (Pt. One)
  4. Rewire
  5. Unearth
  6. Channels
  7. Perceptions Derailed
  8. The Aetheric Plane
  9. Ataraxia & The Subsequent Flight
  10. Critical Mass
  11. The Electric Mind (Pt. Two)
  12. Triclopics

Underground Movement
Reviewer: Connor
Jan 26, 2011

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