Hideous Divinity – Adveniens

Italy’s Hideous Divinity have been rising stars in death metal since their debut release "Obeisance Rising" was released in 2012. Now the band is set to release their crucial third album.

"Adveniens" carries on really from the bands previous two albums. It’s been clear what the band is about from day one. They play a modern technical version of death metal taking their cues from the likes of Nile, Hate Eternal and Decapitated they were rooted in classic death metal tradition while being aware of current trends and sounds.

So while this album sees no major changes in the band’s sound it does show however, development and their songwriting being refined. Opener 'Ages Die' alone at just less than 7 minutes showcases all the elements in the band’s sound. The mechanical structures, the chopping riffs and drum patterns that Derek Roddy and George Kollias would be proud of. All while keeping the song structures intact and using just enough melody to break everything up and keep things interesting. Much like the previously mentioned bands it does hit you all at once and it takes a few listens to unpack and fully digest everything but with every listen the little strokes of genius are hidden in the details of the songs jump out at you.

All in all this is the album Hideous Divinity have always threatened to make and will no doubt solidify their place in death metals big league. These boys are here to stay.

  1. Ages Die
  2. Sub Specie Aeternitatis
  3. Passages
  4. Angel Of Revolution
  5. Feeding Off The Blind
  6. When Flesh Unfolds
  7. Messianica
  8. Future In Red
  9. Embodiment Of Chaos (cover Sinister)