Hindrance - Rebirth

Hindrance are a brutal death grind band to spawn out of Spain in 1992. After honing their grinding technique they unleashed their debut in 2004, followed by numerous shows, an EP, and finally their second album. Compared to the first, it still has that filthy grim grind sound to it due to the cranked up distortion, the extensive speed, and growled vocals mixed with gory lyrics that any Cannibal Corpse or Aborted fan would enjoy. However, there's also some technical work, especially in the drumming, aside from just sheer earhole beatings, but for the most part Rebirth is pretty much full of tracks that all have the same formula.

The album begins with an introduction that sounds like the industrial clankings and some spoken word samples in Spanish, and then kicks right into the following track. "Spittle" is a direct kick to the face as the guitars have a very audible buzz and the growls are not understandable at all. The drums sound a bit more lively as they hammer away on the kit rather than just use the pedal, but sometimes the guitars just overtake everything in their frenzy and the technical beauty gets lost altoegether. Other tracks like "El Nihilista" and "Sweet Death" seem to follow suit, except they are much more guitar driven, and while the distortion and harsh chord progression is brutal, it can get bland after a while and make fans think, "Wow, I've heard this song about five times already... is this the best they can do?"

For the most part, yes, extremely distorted guitars and endless drumming is the best they can do, mixed around with some slightly technical moments, but some tracks actually sound different than the rest. "Wake Up The Decapitated" features some creepy piano into the beginning that is a real good sight for sore ears and offers a brief respite before the usual Hindrance grindcore comes into play. "Endocrinic Philosophy" features more of a chugging melody rather than just full on noise- thank goodness for some groove- and the Napalm Death cover pays a modern tribute to the grind gods of old (who are thankfully still grinding). It is a great thrasher, except that the song goes silent half way and kicks in near the end again, as if someone had hit a mute button accidentally and noticed it later. Whether or not it was done on purpose it completely ruins the song.

Those who enjoy bands such as Immolation or Decapitated will probably find this a treat, but fans looking for more seasoned or technical will want to look elsewhere. Hindrance are certainly intense, but the repetition of their music may start to get to people. Young people just getting into death metal may think this is the most intense and talented kind of music in the industry, but metal fans can probably find better bands with more technical precision and brutality at the same time. Yet, if sheer sonic brutalism is what a metal fan seeks, then Hindrance is certainly for them.

  1. Intro
  2. Spittle
  3. El Nihilista
  4. Rebirth
  5. Celebrating Failures
  6. Sweet Death
  7. Unearthing
  8. Wake Up The Decapitated
  9. Endocrine Philosophy
  10. Satan Korps
  11. One Minute Of Noise
  12. Suffer The Children (Napalm Death cover)

Hetacombe Records
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Jun 10, 2010
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