Hirax - Barrage Of Noise

Fuck you, you crossover wannabees! Hirax (yes the legendary Hirax) is back on the streets with their fifth release. Most brutal songs in their existence. They play better and more mature than on "Raging Violence" (although that was a classic LP). Listen to on eof their best songs ever and my fav of this album "Walk with Death". Mighty double bass loops and resting point. Katon sounds more fustrated than ever (with with the same hairstyle, haha) followed by the rest of the band. If you are still into crossover music you def got to buy this album. Fuck you if you don't!!


Side A
1. Murder One
2. Barrage Of Noise
3. Walk With Death
4. Broken Neck

Side B
5. Jade
6. Mouth Sewn Shut
7. Beyond The Church (Part 1)
8. French Pearl
Deep Six Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Oct 26, 2001

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